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When we offer express document preparation, this means that your documents will be processed in the first turn and their readiness will be controlled by our staff at every stage.

If your documents do not require any requests to be sent to educational institutions to clarify information for apostilization purposes, you have a good chance to receive documents with apostilles on the same day, or after 10 working days. However, certain documents (for example, all paper documents of old standard) require such requests. If the apostilization requires explanation or additional information, the Ministry of Education and Science sends an official request to the educational institution. Such requests and their responses are usually sent by mail. The educational institution has a right to consider the request letter for a month. In such case the time needed for the apostilization of your documents will be extended.

We offer you to accelerate this procedure, in which case you will receive your document with apostille within 20 working days. Then the official request will be sent in advance by fax or e-mail within a day and the response time will be under our control.

If you would like to order express documents processing, you will have to fill in an application and pay for the services of express document processing.


You may not visit our office in order to have your educational documents apostilled. SE ‘Information and Image Centre’ suggests sending of your documents by any courier service (on condition that they are delivered directly to our office). Such rule is set to maintain safety of your documents.

To get your documents apostilled without the visit, before sending them to our office, you have to define the list of services for your documents and check their cost, fill in corresponding forms and pay off the services. In order to do this, you have to sign up at our web-site and create a request for Remote Apostille at your Personal Cabinet. Find more information about this procedure following the Instruction for Personal Cabinet Registration and Remote submission

You may obtain documents with apostille during issue hoursby yourself. Also we may send them to you by the courier service (regardless of your location) or to the recognition organization address, as well as to the courier service office. Courier service delivery cost is not included to the cost of our services considering shipment organization. We will send your documents by that courier service, which you rely on. This courier service must take the document package directly from our office.





Information and Image Center SE tries to make as easy as possible the process of preparation of documents that you need to continue your education or work abroad. If you do not have a person in Ukraine whom us may ask help you renew or re-issue your education confirming documents, we may help you. For this purpose, we are introducing an array of additional services which do not belong to our core activities, intended to ease the document preparation procedure for you.

Many countries have qualification recognition centers. In the USA, this is the World Education Services (WES), in New Zealand – the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), and similar organizations in other countries. Each has its own requirements for the list of documents to be presented and its own procedure of their verification. During its verification, the WES may send a request to the Ministry, asking for the response to come directly from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine in an envelope sealed with the seal of the Ministry. Unfortunately, the Ministry does not have the necessary organizational, technical, and material capacity to process such requests. Therefore, this work has been delegated to our Center.



Higher educational institution (HEI) shall submit educational documents of foreign students for the apostille of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and for the legalization procedure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the legal term of foreigner residency.

Legalization and apostille procedures must be carried out by the representative of the educational institution during the document issue year following next sequence: apostille - first, then goes legalization.

Please note!

The university must add corresponding application letters to their document list for apostille and legalization procedures. The letters should be drawn up on the official letterhead of the educational institution, signed by the rector (pro-rector) and stamped by the HEI seal. The HEI letter must contain a list of information (name of the holder, title, series and number of the educational document, number of the recognition certificate considering previous education, name of the country, where apostille/legalization will be applied), as well as the information on the person, who had signed educational documents (position, surname and initials).

Educational institutions of the medical and pharmaceutical specialty must authorize their letters by visa of the director of the Center for International Programs of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine - Yurii Ivanovych Fisun ( 9  Dorohozhitska street,  Kyiv, tel. for inquiries: (044) 205-48-09, Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupik). The content and design of other HEI documents are checked in the Department of International Cooperation and European Integration of the Ministry of Education and Science (10 Peremohy Ave., tel . for inquiries (044) 481-32-79), the contact person - Olha Ivanivna Fedotkina.

Samples of university letters to follow apostille and legalization procedures regarding foreign student educational documents.

A special offer for processing services applies in case the documents of the foreign graduates are submitted directly by the university representatives.

Document submission procedure mandatory requires filling in an electronic application form at the personal cabinet web-page. We would like to ask you to agree previously the day of the HEI representative visit by phone: (044) 484-64-45, (044) 484-64-95 to promote convenient and prompt procedure.

In case there is a need in additional information, please contact either the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine by phone: (044) 481-32-79, or the National Center for Academic Mobility: e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , tel. (044) 484-64-45.

Description of Documents on Higher Education (Research Degrees), Supplements thereto, Academic Transcripts of State Standard