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You may not visit our office in order to have your educational documents apostilled. SE ‘Information and Image Centre’ suggests sending of your documents by any courier service (on condition that they are delivered directly to our office). Such rule is set to maintain safety of your documents.

To get your documents apostilled without the visit, before sending them to our office, you have to define the list of services for your documents and check their cost, fill in corresponding forms and pay off the services. In order to do this, you have to sign up at our web-site and create a request for Remote Apostille at your Personal Cabinet. Find more information about this procedure following the Instruction for Personal Cabinet Registration and Remote submission.

You may obtain documents with apostille during issue hours by yourself. Also we may send them to you by the courier service (regardless of your location) or to the recognition organization address, as well as to the courier service office. Courier service delivery cost is not included to the cost of our services considering shipment organization. We will send your documents by that courier service, which you rely on. This courier service must take the document package directly from our office.