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To submit documents for apostilization in person, you need to:

1. Prepare the required  documents package. It is recommended that you fill out the application form in advance in the Personal Cabinet (after th registration completion  - click "Submit a request for processing") and select the most convenient day and time for your visit. If this seems inconvenient for you, print and fill out the application form.

Please note: when filling out the application form, specify in the line “authorized to receive” a person or persons who have the right to collect or receive the documents that you are submitting.

The holder of documents doesn’t need to be an applicant. There is no necessary in submitting documents by their holder. It can be done by any other person without notarized power of attorney. It can be done after click "Add paper".

An applicant must create one joint request for all the documents he wants to submit. Please, do not create two different requests, for example, with diploma and its transcript. can 

2. Bring the prepared package of documents to the our address in office hours. The person presenting the documents is required to carry his/her passport and identification code for paying the service bill.
3. In case of personally submitting documents for express processing, our specialist in your presence will establish the need to send a request to the educational institution or another establishment for any additional information or explanations. Such requests affect the time needed to process your documents.
4. After you have decided which processing time suits you, you will receive bills with charges made in accordance with the service fee rates and a document allowing you to collect your documents.
5. Bring the paid bills and receive a mark of payment made. After this, your documents will be processed.

6. You can track the status of your order:

  • PC (if recorded via PC application);
  • on the website under "procedure for issuing - Readiness";
  • by phones, calling the registration number (eg AI - 111 - 11).
7. You can get the documents according to the schedule issue.

For the documents receiving you should  have a recipient`s passport, the original receipt you get after filing and the original receipt of the duty payment.