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We offer you two document submission alternatives:

  1. You may submit your documents by express mail and receive the apostilized documents from us likewise. For details please read about the distant apostille and remote submission procedure.
  2. You may submit your documents, bringing them to our office at the following address: 25, V. Chornovola St, Kyiv in office hours. We recommend that prior to your visit, you fill out an application for document submission in person in the Personal cabinet. In this way, you will save your time, receive a consultation, and will be able to schedule your visit for a convenient day and time. After you make a document submission through the Personal Cabinet, you will be able to track the documents processing status. You may also make your application at our office, using the information kiosks or ask our operator for help.

Pay attention!

Working with documents starts the day after receiving a complete package of documents by the specialists of our Center and payment of the order in full (Article 253 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). Thus, the date of submission a package of documents in the processing period is not taken into account.

Documents acceptance occures till 13:00 regardless of registration time.

Also, in order to speed up the work of the Center we urge to fill in an application form in advance on the personal submission of documents in the "Personal cabinet", previously passed the registration on our website.

Thank you for your understanding!