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Our Centre carries out the verification of documents on education for WES USA. During the checkout of package, our experts focus exclusively on the WES requirements. The procedure of submitting documents to WES USA for Ukraine can be found on the WES websiteInformation regarding correct filling of the upper part (A) of the application form and selection (list) of documents for the WES package (for example: if needed a Certificate on secondary education (Atestat), Diploma of Bachelor, archival information, etc.), You should learn directly on the WES website in the window "Have a question?". Thank You for Your understanding!

You can order the package for WES during personal reception at our Centre or apply distantly (without visiting our office).

Package for WES USA includes:

  1. Application form, which should be filled in for every document, that confers educational level or degree (atestat (school leaving certificate), diploma, certificate etc.). Fill in the upper part of this form and specify obligatory Your register number in WES.
  2. Apostilled copies of documents certified by the seal of our Centre.

The procedure of forming the package:

  1. You submit us (or send in case of distant submission) the application forms for WES USA and the originals of educational documents.
  2. If Your educational documents have not been authenticated by an apostille by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine before, You need to order the apostille stamp (the cost of this service and terms are not included in the forming package for WES USA).
  3. After verification of the fact of Your study and the issuance of Your documents our specialist fills in the application form, certifies copies of Your educational documents. Next, the package is formed and sealed by seals. Originals of educational documents and the package You can obtain at our office (according to the schedule of issuance) or, in case of distant submission or order of courier delivery we will send the package and the originals of documents to Your address for further independent shipment to WES USA.

Important! When You send a package to WES USA Yourself, our official envelope with the seals should not be damaged prior to delivery it to WES. If You would like to forward our package and translations by one departing to WES, please, attach our package to the larger sealed undamaged envelope and add the translations.

Term of preparing the documents is 10 working days. The specialist of our Centre will determine the term during the analysis of Your documents. Cost and term of apostille and sending are not included to the cost and terms of forming the WES package. The cost of services can be found on the relevant page of the website.

To order the package for WES USA, please, apply to our office in acceptance hours or fill in the application form on distant submission of the documents.

Attention! Our Center performs only the verification of documents, preparation of package according to the requirements of WES USA and organizes it to be sent to Your address. Centre has no influence on the procedure of evaluation of Your documents in WES USA and is not responsible for the results of the recognition procedure.