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The State-owned company «Information and Image Centre» (National Information Centre of Academic Mobility ENIC Ukraine) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, offers additional service of online verification of the documents on education, issued in Ukraine via partner’s web-platform DIGIFLOW. Before ordering, we recommend you to clarify in the organization, for which you are preparing the documents, what type of verification is accepted for consideration.

As a result of online verification, the authenticity of a document is confirmed or denied after the check-up by the specialists of our Centre and corresponding electronic certificate is generated to be submitted to whom it may concern, in English language, secured by the unique identification number and QR-code.

The online verification of the authenticity of a document on education is designed for educational documents’ holders and, if the consent of the document holder to personal data processing is provided, for document holder authorized representative, including organizations on recognition, employers, human resources agencies, screening companies and other stakeholders.

In order to get the result of authenticity check-up of a document on education, it is enough to go to the web-platform, using the following link, log in and make only 5 SIMPLE STEPS:

  1. Choose Ukraine in the drop-down country list and ENIC Ukraine as issuing authority, indicate corresponding education institution, mode of study and document type.
  2. Fill out all required fields, download the consent of the document holder to personal data processing (herewith or at the partners’ web-portal), fill it out, sign and upload together with the documents you want to verify.
  3. Review the data and confirm your order.
  4. Choose the convenient way of payment and pay for the ordered service online.
  5. Check up the result within the set terms in your personal cabinet, download and print out the certificate, confirming or denying the authenticity of a document on education.

Pay attention:

  • Turnaround time: 7-20 business days.
  • Payment is set according to the price policy of the partner.
  • Irrespective of the result, positive or negative, the payment for the service provided is not refunded.
  • Every document to be verified is considered a separate document (for example: Diploma and Diploma Supplement are considered two documents) and is a subject for separate verification cases.
  • To verify a supplement to the main document, you have to download the main document as well. The supplement is considered invalid without the main document.
  • The list of documents, which are subjects to verification, is provided here.