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ICAS Canada package

Our Center performs verification of educational documents for ICAS Canada. You may order the package for ICAS Canada during a private reception at our Center or submit an application distantly (without visiting the office).

You may see the submission procedure for ICAS Canada on the Ukrainian educational documents on the website of organization.

The package for ICAS Canada includes:

  1. ICAS Canada Official Records Request Form, which fills in on each document, that assigns a level of education or degree (certificate of secondary education, diploma, certificate etc.). Fill in the upper part of this form and please, indicate the reference number for ICAS Canada.
  2. Copies of your documents on education with their transcript.
  3. Copy  of your document, confirming the change of name (in case, when education documents were issued on another name)  with translation.

Upon your request the package can contain translations of educational documents in English or French. For this you can provide a notarized translation, or order it in our office.

The procedure for forming the package:

  1. You submit us (or send in case of distant submission) the ICAS Canada Official Records Request Form(s), copies of educational documents, translations (if necessary) and copy of document, confirming the change of name, with its translation. 
  2. We carry out the verification of the facts of your training and issuing the documents. We fill in the bottom of the application form and certify it. 
  3. We make a package, and seal it with the stamps. And after that the package is sent from our address to the address of ICAS Canada.

The term of making the package is up to 30 working days depending on the type of documents. Translation cost and term are not included in cost and terms of preparing the ICAS package.

To order the package for ICAS Canada, please, contact our office at the operating hours or make an application on distant submission of documents.