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Our Centre carries out the verification of documents on education for WES Canada.

Taking into account the situation in our country and the imposition of martial law due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, in order to facilitate the document submission procedure for applicants, from February 24, 2022 and until the cessation of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, we accept scanned copies of a good quality instead of originals for forming a package of documents for WES Canada.

From June 2, 2020 the transfer of a package of documents to WES Canada is carried out by our Center in electronic form through a secure file transfer protocol. This format of document transfer significantly speeds up the process of consideration of applicants’ cases, who apply for recognition of their qualifications, obtained in Ukraine.

During forming of package, our specialists focus exclusively on WES requirements. The procedure of submitting documents to WES Canada for Ukraine and the requirements for filling out the package can be found on the WES website. Information on correctly filling in the upper part (A) of the application form and selection (list) of documents for forming of the WES package (for example: whether you need certificate of secondary education, a bachelor's degree diploma, archive statement, etc.) find out directly in WES on their website at "Have a Question?" window.

You can order the forming of WES package during a personal reception at our Center or apply remotely (without visiting of our office).

The package for WES Canada includes:

  1. Application form of WES Canada (Academic Records Request Form), which fills for each document that confers an educational level or degree (certificate of basic secondary education, certificate of complete secondary education, diploma, etc.). The application form becomes available for download after registration on the WES Canada website. The owner of the documents fills, in the electronic or paper form, the table of part "A" of this application form and must indicate the registration number in WES (Reference #), put his own signature and date of filling in the appropriate fields.
  2. Copies of documents on education with their transcripts, certified by the seal of our Center.
  3. Copies of translations of documents on education, made by the Center (in case of ordering).

Translation of educational documents into English can be ordered at our Center during procedure of documents submitting. You can acquaint with the cost of the translation service and the term of its performance on our website in the section Cost and terms. The calculation will be made by a specialist of the Center during the documents’ submission.

Translations of educational documents made by another translators and organizations are not included in the package which is formed by our Center! You send them to WES Canada by yourself.

The procedure of forming the package:

  1. You submit us (or send in the case of remote submission) WES Canada application forms and originals of educational documents.
  2. We carry out the verification of the fact of your education and issuance of the documents. We fill in the lower part "B" of the application form, certify copies of your educational documents.
  3. We perform the translation of documents on education (in case of ordering).
  4. Then the package of documents in electronic form is transmitted to WES through a secure file transfer protocol.

You can get the originals of educational documents in our office (according to the schedule of issuance) or, in the case of remote submission or ordering a courier delivery, we will send them to the address specified by you.

The term of preparing of the package is 10 or 30 business days depending on the type of documents. The specialist will be able to determine the term during the analysis of your documents. The term of the organization of the courier delivery and its cost are not included in the term and cost of forming the package for WES. You can get acquainted with the cost of services on the corresponding page of the website.

Attention! The Center carries out only verification of documents, forming of a package in accordance with the requirements of WES Canada and sends it to WES. Centre has no influence on the procedure of evaluation of your documents in WES Canada and is not responsible for the results of the recognition procedure.