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The Apostille certification is denied if:

  • the powers of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine do not include apostilization of the submitted documents;
  • the document is intended for use in a country which has not jointed the Convention or is a Hague Convention participant but spoke against Ukraine’s accession to the Convention in accordance with Article 12 of the Convention;
  • the text of the document is illegible due to document mutilation;
  • the document is written or signed in pencil or is a fax copy;
  • the document contains unspecified corrections or text additions;
  • document, specifically the archive statement, curriculum, academic statement, does not have the signature of the principal or vice principal of the educational establishment and not certified with the official seal;
  • the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has not received the specimens of the corresponding signatures, seals and/or stamps to be able to confirm the fact of issue of the education confirming document;
  • the signature in the document differs from the specified position, surname, given name and patronymic of the head of the educational establishment or institution.