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Attention please! Peak seasonal load

Dear visitors!

Due to the issuance of certificates and diplomas by all educational institutions of the country, during July in our Center there is an increase in load 15-20 times compared with the average. The management and team of the Center took all possible measures to increase the capacity of receiving documents for placing apostille. However, level this peak, make it intangible for you and guarantee the absence of a queue is impossible.

If you can, delay the filing of documents in the last week of July or August: at this time, we expect a significant decline in the number of documents, which will make the terms more comfortable. If this is not possible, we recommend that you arrive as early as possible (to 9.30 your application has been in the electronic queue), as well as to pre-fill in the application form on the site for personal submission of documents according to the instruction.

If you want to avoid queues, can use the following alternatives:

  • reception of documents in unacceptable days and hours: Mon-Thu (14.00-17.00), Fri (9.30-13.00, 14.00-16.00). Submission of documents in unacceptable hours is more convenient, since the queue is absent or significantly less. Such a feed will be a little more expensive for you, but much more comfortable.
  • remote filing of documents through a personal cabinet on our site www.apostille.in.ua. This is a filing without any visit to the reception or delivery! The cost of such a filing is higher than with a visit, but you save time and documents are sent and received by the courier. During June-July, the speed of our specialists' response to the remote application is up to 3 business days.
  • booking the day and time of the visit on our site. This option is available after filling out an application for a personal filing in the Personal Office. In the chosen day and time you will be able to submit documents in our office with an error of no more than 5 minutes. This option is very in demand, so if you could not find the day and time convenient for you, visit the Center office without booking time, or use the remote feeder.

The team of the Center is doing its best to satisfy the sharp increase in demand for Apostille, as well as to provide alternatives for your convenience.

We hope for your understanding!