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Distant document application is a step-by-step process, which is realized only in Personal Cabinet (further – PC). All the documents — invoice and forms — you will get from an operator, with whom you will be communicating during the processing your request. You may send documents package to us only after passing all the steps of distant application.


Step 1. Creating the application for remote delivery in Personal Cabinet

Please sign up to open access to PC. After that you can begin creating the request for remote delivery. Fill the active forms (marked with *), keeping the instructions. In case of difficulties in filling the forms, you may ask your questions by phone — the operator can’t see any messages from not processed request. When you finished creating the application, please, push the “Send request for processing” button in available actions list.

Within 1-3 working days your request will be processed. Incorrect request will be not processed. If you are interested in fast processing of your application, you should fill the request correctly. All requirements are given below only to prevent any troubles in your documents processing.

Requirements for filling the request: 

  1. Only a lawful age (18+) person with passport or personal ID may be an applicant.
  2. The holder of documents doesn’t need to be an applicant. There is no necessary in submitting documents by their holder. It can be done by any other person without notarized power of attorney.
  3. An applicant must create one joint request for all the documents he wants to submit. Please, do not create two different requests, for example, with diploma and its transcript. All the documents you want to submit must be attached to one common request — with information and scan-copies of each document.
  4. Request must be created by the applicant name, not by the documents holder’s name. For example, if the applicant wants to submit documents from different holders, he doesn’t need to create two different requests from two different people (watch §3.)
  5. Holder’s name in the request have to match with holder’s name in the documents (in Ukrainian.)
  6. If the applicant (in case of being the document holder at the same time) has changed his last name after getting diploma, he must point out his actual last name in the field about applicant, and point out his former last name in the field about holder.

 Technical requirements for scan-copies: 

  1. Please, attach all the pages, which content requisites of the documents (document name, serial number, signs, date issue, holders name).
  2. Scan-copies must be legible (recommended resolution – 200-300 dpi). If you have no ability to scan your documents, you may replace them by photos with the same technical requirements.
  3. Type of files — only .jpg/.jpeg.
  4. Maximal file size of one image — 1 Mb. 

Scan-copies of your documents are the only way to define available terms and cost. We will appreciate if you give us an opportunity to make this process fast and correct.


Step 2. Terms and cost specification

The operator will answer on you request during 1-3 working days. In your personal cabinet you will get an answer from him about:

  • correctness and accuracy of your request;
  • or about available terms of processing your documents. 

Please, push the envelope icon to read the message:

Picture 1. Unread message from operator

If you want to inform operator about chosen terms or ask more questions, please, do it in personal cabinet (pic. 2, 3). According to your chosen terms operator will generate for you forms, which you will have to put into the package before sending.


Picture 2. How to write an answer (1)

Picture 3. How to write an answer (2)

Please note! Choosing terms step is the last chance to make adjustments to your application (change the list of documents or services, for example). So you should think over carefully, because there will be no options to change something after generating the forms.


Step 3. Filling the form and paying the invoice

On this stage you print and fill the forms, and pay the bill.

The operator will send you generated forms to your personal cabinets, not to your e-mail. Please, push the “View the documents” button in available actions:


Рicture 4. Generated forms and/or invoices

Also you will receive an instruction on filling forms in your message list. Print the forms, then fill them and send scan-copies to operator to e-mail, pointed out in the instruction. The operator will look through the scan-copies and answer you in PC about accuracy of filling forms.

If you are going to pay in Ukraine, your invoice had been already generated with forms. If you are going to pay from abroad, operator will generate the invoice for you only after receiving scan-copies on e-mail (because invoice is generated according to information, which you point out in the forms).

Picture 5. How to pay

You may pay the invoice or in the PC on-line via Portmone, or in any bank with printed invoice. In case of paying via Portmone you don’t need any receipt after; if you are going to pay in the bank, please, save the bank receipt — you must put it into the package.


Step 4. Sending the package of documents

After checking the accuracy of filling forms, you will receive an answer from operator about your next step, which is sending the document actually.

Approximately list of documents, included in package: 

  1. originals of educational documents;
  2. originals of correctly filled forms;
  3. original of bank receipt (if you’ve paid in bank).

This list is general. Please, look up to final list, written by operator in the message.

Then you must choose the courier service and send the formed package of documents to our office: Information and Image Centre SE, 25,  Chornovola St., Kyiv 01135, Ukraine.

We inform usually in personal cabinet about receiving your package and starting to work with documents. Processing of your documents begins only the next day after receiving full payment and package of documents.

You may control status of your documents in your personal cabinet or by contact numbers.

Please note! According to the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protecting” and for confidentiality preservation we shall not give away personal information to third parties. Due to this all the information about documents is giving only to applicants. 


Our Centre carries out the verification of documents on education for WES Canada. During the checkout of package, our experts focus exclusively on the WES requirements. The procedure of submitting documents to WES Canada for Ukraine can be found on the WES websiteInformation regarding correct filling of the upper part (A) of the application form and selection (list) of documents for the WES package (for example: if needed a Certificate on secondary education (Atestat), Diploma of Bachelor, archival information, etc.), You should learn directly on the WES website in the window "Have a question?". Thank You for Your understanding!

You can order the package for WES during personal reception at our Centre or apply distantly (without visiting our office).

Package for WES Canada includes:

  1. Application form of WES Canada, which should be filled in for every document, that confers educational level or degree (atestat (school leaving certificate), diploma, certificate etc.). Fill in the upper part of this form and specify obligatory Your register number in WES.
  2. Copies of your documents on education with their Transcripts, certified by the stamp of our Centre.

The procedure of forming the package:

  1. You submit us (or send in case of distant submission) the application forms for WES Canada and the originals of educational documents.
  2. We verify the fact of your study and issuance of your documents. We fill in the bottom part of the application form and certify the copies of Your educational documents.
  3. We form the package and seal it with the seals. Such package together with the originals of educational documents You may get in our office (according to the the schedule of issuance) or in case of distant submission or order of courier delivery we will send the package and the originals of documents to Your address for further independent shipment to WES Canada.

Important! When You send a package to WES Canada Yourself, our official envelope with the seals should not be damaged prior to delivery it to WES. If You would like to forward our package and translations by one departing to WES, please, attach our package to the larger sealed undamaged envelope and add the translations.

Term of preparing the documents is 10 or 30 working days depending on the type of Your documents. The specialist of our Centre will determine the term during the analysis of Your documents. The time of arranging courier delivery and its cost are not included to the time and cost of forming the package for WES.

To order the package for WES Canada, please, apply to our office in acceptance hours or fill in the application form on distant submission of the documents.

Attention! Our Center performs only the verification of documents, preparation of package according to the requirements of WES Canada and organizes it to be sent to Your address. Centre has no influence on the procedure of evaluation of Your documents in WES Canada and is not responsible for the results of the recognition procedure.




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Обычный текст со ссылками:

You can place an order with us for several types of statements from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for embassies or educational institutions abroad. These are:

- statement “On the Knowledge Assessment System in Ukraine”;

- statement “On the License and Accreditation Level of the Institution of Higher Learning”;

- statement “On Confirming the Fact of Completed Education and the Right to Pursue the Next Qualification and Educational Level or Engage in Professional Activities.”

To obtain these statements, you must first decide which document you need. You will also need to bring a copy of your diploma or high school certificate with the supplement to them. You may order these statements through the Personal Cabinet or during your personal visit to our office. For details please read the section Additional Services. Other Documents.


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Welcome to the website of the informationa and image centre, where you can recieve all the necessary information about getting your education confirming documents stamped with the apostille.

Please note! Documents of established sample will not be accepted into work without consent to the processing of personal data by the owner of the documents and the applicant (the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data» № 2297-VI from 01.06.2010).

The State Enterprise “Information and Image Center” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine performs the functions of a national information center of academic mobility (Resolution No 924 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated August 31, 2011). Specifically, the powers of the Center include verifying the authenticity of education confirming documents issued by educational establishments in Ukraine and other countries. If the verification result is positive, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine puts the Apostille stamp on your education confirming documents, confirming the legitimacy of their issue for the appropriate qualification recognition bodies in other countries.

The Information and Image Center not only prepares documents for the Ministry for apostilization, we use the “single window” principle in our work to ensure maximum convenience for you when applying to the Ministry for the Apostille certification.

We also offer additional services for you as regards submitting and receiving your documents, in particular:

1. you may place an order for express documents processing which may be completed on the same day (if your documents require no requests to be sent to any establishment). For details see Express Apostillization.

2. the possibility to submit and receive documents in the Ministry’s off hours – you may submit your documents for the apostilization anytime at your convenience during a working day. The terms and conditions are described in section Submission at a Convenient Time.

3. If you are not in Kyiv, you do not have to waste your time coming to this city. We offer you a courier service for your documents which will deliver your documents to the point of their submission and back to your address after the documents are ready. This option will be convenient both for those you live in other cities of Ukraine and those who are already abroad. For details see Distant apostille.

4. For the convenience of those who would prefer to come to our office and submit documents in person, we also have some new options. Now you may make your application directly on our website. To be able to do this, you will have to undergo a simple Personal Cabinet registration procedure. In the Cabinet you will be able to fill out the application form, and if you have any questions, you may consult our specialists on the website. In addition, once your application is prepared in the Personal Cabinet, you may choose the most convenient day and time for your visit. This means you will not be wasting your time standing in a line. After you submit your documents through the Personal Cabinet, you will be able to track the processing status of your documents until there are ready.

5. Apart from the Apostille certification of documents, our citizens sometimes need other documents to confirm their education. Such documents may be required by foreign embassies, foreign qualification recognition authorities and other organizations. We may help in many such situations. Most often people apply to us for the following documents:

  • statement of the fact of completed education and academic degrees;
  • statement of the license and accreditation of the institution of higher learning;
  • statement of the knowledge assessment system in Ukraine;
  • statement "About the confirmation of teacher education";
  • preparation of a package for the WES or another qualification recognition organization abroad.

We try to help everyone who comes to us for help, making your interaction with us as transparent and convenient for you as possible. We hope that your decision to try our services will be justified by effective delivery of your orders.


25, V. Chornovola St, Kyiv, 01135

Direction map


Tel./fax: +380 44 484 64 45;

+380 44 484 64 95

or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.