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Brazil Accession to the Hague Convention

On August 14, 2016, a legal act of the Federal Republic of Brazil joining the Hague Convention from 5 October 1961 which abolishes the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents comes into force. Consequently, international official documents between Brazil and other 111 countries of the world, which have joined the earlier Convention, have been simplified.

This primarily relates to the stamp «Apostille» on notary documents, certificates on education and marital status, all sorts of certificates etc.

The National Council of Justice (NRYU) was appointed as the main coordinator and application regulator of the Hague Convention from 5 October 1961 in Brazil. 15 thousand notaries are the competent authorities for the apostille procedure in Brazil.

Electronic Apostille system will be introduced. The document is printed on a special paper, which is manufactured at the Mint of Brazil and has a special code that allows you to check the authenticity of the apostille via Internet and its connection with apostilized document. With the introduction of the apostille system legalization of documents is saved in the central apparatus of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regional offices and foreign diplomatic institutions of Brazil. Apostilles, stamped by the country-members of the Hague Convention before 14 August 2016, are valid on the Brazil’s territory.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine accepts educational documents before apostille procedure for further use on the territory of Federal Republic of Brazil.