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We are pleased to inform you that between 20.09.2017-25.09.2017 the Information and Image Centre moved to a new place at 25, V. Chornovola St., Kyiv. This will improve the quality of service and create more comfortable conditions for you.

We are waiting for you from 26.09.2017  at the new office.

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Layout of duplicates of higher education documents


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Samples of educational documents layout

Mandatory elements of the format for statements and archive transcripts: 

  • educational institution letterhead;  
  • registration number; 
  • issue date; 
  • name of the document; 
  • actual rector/vice-rector or principal signature; 
  • official seal. 


           Statement and archive transcript approximate example 



         _______________(адреса, телефон, факс, електронна адреса)__________________



     Вих. № _____________ від ___________р.




Архівна довідка



            Видана Іванову Івану Івановичу в тому, що він дійсно навчався з 01.09.2004р. по 30.06.2009р. за спеціальністю «Менеджмент» денної форми навчання Національного університету та 30 червня 2009 року отримав диплом спеціаліста АА № 12345678.

Вищезазначений документ надає право на здійснення професійної діяльності та право вступу до магістратури або аспірантури.

            Довідка видана для надання за місцем вимоги.




              Ректор                _________________________              Прізвище, ім’я, по батькові





Please note: academic transcript (akademichna dovidka) must be drawn up on the state-recognized letterhead, according to CMU Resolution No 193 "On Higher Education Documents (Academic Degrees) of State Standard" dated March 31, 2015 and Order No 525 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "On Approving Higher Education (Academic Degree) Documents of State Standard and Supplements thereto, Academic Transcript Standard", dated May 12, 2015.

Therefore, typical example of statements and archive transcripts is not used for academic statement.


Mandatory elements of the format for academic programs, curricula and extracts thereto:

  • educational institution letterhead;  
  • registration number; 
  • issue date; 
  • name of the document; 
  • actual rector/vice-rector or principal signature; 
  • official seal. 

Typical example of academic program, curriculum and extract thereto



 _______________(адреса, телефон, факс, електронна адреса)__________________



       Вих. № _____________ від ___________р.




                                                                                          Ректор (перший проректор, проректор)

                                                                                          Національного університету

                                                                                          _____________  ПІБ





Витяг з навчального плану

зі спеціальності «Фармація»

за якими Петров Петро Петрович

здобув кваліфікацію провізора

диплом ВВ № 98765432 від 15 липня 1991 року








Common mistakes in the educational documents layout

Dear Clients!

It is advised to assure oneself of document correct layout before the apostille submission procedure. You should check the most common mistakes in the document layout. In case you have found such mistakes in your documents or their supplements, you should appeal with a written application on document substitution or duplicate issue to your Higher Education Institution (HEI), its legal successor, or in case of legal successor absence – to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

We would like to remind that Centre specialists do not influence and are not responsible for the document drawing up by the HEI or other establishment. The responsibility for document correct layout, timely issue or substitution (if applicable) is on HEIs. The Centre will not consider complaints about incorrect layout of your documents.

The most common mistakes in the layout of educational document

1. Diploma or supplement does not comply with the state standard that was legal at the document issue moment

Ukrainian HEIs had been issuing educational documents of one unified sample up till 2014. Since 2014 HEIs have obtained a right to issue educational documents of their own samples. However, information list of state standard diplomas, their supplements and academic transcripts is approved by corresponding regulatory acts. In the event of discrepancy between diploma or supplement content/layout and regulatory act requirements, such document shall not be accepted for the apostille affixation. You can check out education document samples at the ENIC Ukraine web-site.

2. Printed seal and signature of the authorized person

Make sure that the seal and rector’s (another authorized person) signature, which certify your document, are not printed. In case the printing was confirmed, you are able to request substitution of such diploma or supplement for the document with original signature of the authorized person and HEI seal. The images of seal and signature had been made by means of photographic printing till 2014, while the document samples were unified. Nevertheless, such document contained some elements of the additional protection. Since it was terminated to issue diploma by means of photographic printing, all educational documents must be certified with original seal and signature.

3. Transcript, program, curriculum or extract thereto that do no not comply with the layout standards

Check whether the certificate, archive transcript, academic program and extract thereto were drawn up in a correct manner. Get assured please that their layout is in correspondence with legal regulatory framework and document layout standards. These documents must be drawn up in Ukrainian language and contain all compulsory elements of the format, including:

  • official letterhead of the institution;
  • number and date of issue;
  • document name;
  • position, surname;
  • initials and signature of the head of HEI or another authorized person;
  • HEI seal.
* If a document is presented on two or more separate sheets, it must be stitched, numbered and affixed in a manner that makes it impossible to disassociate it without violating its integrity. It should indicate the number of souvenir sheets, put a copy of the official (authorized to sign) person and the seal of the higher educational institution.

Oriented samples of layout may be found at our web-site.

4. Duplicate layout

Document duplicate shall be issued following the legal (at the moment of issue) layout rather than initial document format. Duplicate must contain all the information, present in the initial document, including name of the HEI, which was official at the moment of issue. However this rule does not apply to the compulsory elements of the format, such as number and date of issue. Duplicate is certified with the signature of HEI authorized person (at the moment of duplicate issue), pointing out its actual position, surname and initials. HEI issues the duplicate and certifies it by the corresponding seal.

We do hope that educational documents are drawn up without violations. However, if you had noticed one of these discrepancies in your educational documents – you are asked to make a substitution of such document before office visit. It will save your time.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that violation in document layout may become an obstacle for successful recognition of your documents abroad.  

Layout of Educational documents

If there is a need in apostille affixation for your documents, and you are required to obtain some additional educational documents like a statement, an archive transcript, an academic program, an extract thereto etc., you have to apply to your university. Make sure that these additional documents are drawn up in a proper way according to actual regulatory framework and document drawing standards. These documents must be completed in Ukrainian language upon conformance with mandatory elements of the format. 


Оформлення освітніх документів

Якщо Вам необхідно пройти процедуру апостилювання, але документів про освіту недостатньо і Ви плануєте брати в навчальному закладі додаткові документи, такі як: довідка, архівна довідка, навчальний план, навчальна програма або витяги з них, впевніться, будь ласка, що вони оформлені належним чином, відповідно до діючої нормативно-правової бази та стандартів оформлення документів. Такі документи мають бути складені українською мовою та містити всі обов’язкові реквізити.