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When we offer express document preparation, this means that your documents will be processed in the first turn and their readiness will be controlled by our staff at every stage.

If your documents do not require any requests to be sent to educational institutions to clarify information for apostilization purposes, you have a good chance to receive documents with apostilles on the same day, or after 10 working days. However, certain documents (for example, all paper documents of old standard) require such requests. If the apostilization requires explanation or additional information, the Ministry of Education and Science sends an official request to the educational institution. Such requests and their responses are usually sent by mail. The educational institution has a right to consider the request letter for a month. In such case the time needed for the apostilization of your documents will be extended.

We offer you to accelerate this procedure, in which case you will receive your document with apostille within 20 working days. Then the official request will be sent in advance by fax or e-mail within a day and the response time will be under our control.

If you would like to order express documents processing, you will have to fill in an application and pay for the services of express document processing.