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Layout of duplicates of higher education documents


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Improper diplomas execution and their replacement necessity

Dear Leaders of higher educational institutions, there has been an increase in number of citizens' complaints about layout of diplomas, issued during 2015-2016 years. They do not match the state standards and requirements of regulatory acts.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine informs that such documents do not subject to apostillization and consular legalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; subsequently,  they may not be subjected for  international circulation. Such documents should be substituted after request of their holder or his representator to the higher educational institution within the shortest possible period of time.

In order to affixe the apostille to the document and submit it for consular legalization (in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No 193 “On Higher Education Documents (Academic Degrees) of State Standard” dated March 31, 2015 and the Ministry of Education and Science № 525 “On Approving Higher Education (Academic Degree) Documents of State Standard and Supplements thereto, Academic Transcript Standard”, dated May 12, 2015, it must contain:

  • Position title;
  • Signature, certified by the seal («wet» seal);
  • Surname and supervisor initials or university (academic institutions) authorized person.

Printing of the seal and authorized person’s signature on the educational documents is NOT allowed.

Take notice that the position, name and initials of the head/authorized person of HEI, which are admitted in the educational document, must correspond to the position, surname and initials of the person, who has actually signed the educational document.

Compliance with all educational document requirements facilitates and accelerates the process of apostillization and consular legalization. 

An official MES letter  «On Improper Educational Document Layout in 2015-2016 and its Substitution» attached.

Also we would like to draw attention of HEIs to the Description of "Documents on Higher Education (Research Degrees), Supplements thereto, Academic Transcripts of State Standard" that is necessary to take into account while ordering document letterheads and their issue preparation.