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Sending of prepared documents by FedEx

Sending of prepared documents can be performed only at the expense of the applicant. Before arranging international sending by courier service FedEx from the address of Information and Image Centre SE, we recommend to read the information below.

General information

  1. Arranging sending procedure of your documents, the number of your application in AZ-00000-00 format should be defined as the name of the sender. The number of application is required; it will be used to identify your application and will be also linked with FedEx invoice.
  2. The address of The Center is always defined as the sender address (Sender address/From address):
    26/41, PAVLOVSKA STR.
    KIEV, 01135, UA
  3. The form of full recipient address (Recipient address/To address) is required: Phone (obligatorily), Name, Company (if documents will be sent to company address), Address, City, State (if needed), Postal Code, Country.

 If you are in Ukraine

If you want to order and pay for international sending from the address of The Center, being on the territory of Ukraine, to send prepared  documents we need to receive the previously paid FedEx invoice.

After personal or distant submission of your documents in The Center, you can pay for sending in such ways:

  1. personally in FedEx office (44, Kikvidze str., Kyiv, Mo-Fr, 09:00–17:45). It this case, you should provide FedEx specialist with the information about the number of your application and the recipient address;
  2. remotely, by the bill you will receive from FedEx, in response to your request on this e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You send a request on that e-mail, which should include such information: your first and last name, number of application in АZ-00000-00 format (obligatorily), number of packages you need to send, and the full recipient address in the format mentioned before (q.v. par.3 General information). FedEx specialist will send you the invoice by e-mail.

After payment you don’t need to come to The Center - FedEx specialist will send the invoice to our office, and one more copy will give personally to you or by e-mail.

If you are abroad

Being abroad, to order and pay for delivery of prepared documents from The Center, it is necessary to have FedEx Account Number.

  1. You can contact with FedEx office in the host country and order the delivery of your documents by RPI REQUEST. It’s a standard FedEx service. In this case, you define the address of our Center as sender address, recipient address, and necessarily require to fill the field “name of the sender” with the number of your application in АZ-00000-00 format (q.v. par.3 General information).
    FedEx office, placed in Ukraine, prepare invoice for transportation by this request and send it to our Center.
  2. Also you may use FedEx Account Number and prepare invoice by yourself on FedEx web-site (www.fedex.com), through “FedEx Ship Manager Lite”.

During preparing the invoice you should fill all the necessary fields. These fields are standard and easy to interpret. Also you can use some recommendations concerning this procedure:

From Address (sender address): it is always the address of our Center
Name: AZ-00000-00  (obligatorily the number of your application)
Country: Ukraine
Address:  26/41, PAVLOVSKA STR
Postal code: 01135
City: KIEV
Phone: +380444846445

To Address (recipient address): Phone (obligatorily), Name, Company (if documents will be sent to company address), Address, City, State (if documents are used in country of destination), Postal Code, Country.

Package & Shipment Details:
No. of  packages: 1 (or more)
Weight:  0,4 kg
Service type: International Priority
Package type: FedEx Envelope
Package contents: Documents
Document description: Legal Documents
Shipment purpose: Personal Use
Total customs value: 0 US Dollars (for some countries – 1 US dollar)

Billing Details:
Bill transportation to: My Account
Bill duties/taxes/fees: My Account

Prepared invoice you need to send to our Center to our e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (PDF format is desirable).